Monday, May 2, 2011

New Section Work Party

New section just after John finished the weed eating. The week before the high school students plowed the section.

Our neighbor Cricket is visiting the garden with her best behavior, leash on and staying out of the garden. What a sweetie.
We had a very productive work party at the garden on Saturday. It was for the new section gardeners to really get to know their garden and put a little elbow grease in on their investment.
John had all the supplies on hand and Lauren brought fruit and donuts to snack on.
The work went really fast thanks to everyone who showed up.
Good job everyone and thanks for being involved gardeners! --Lauren

Amee and her 2 sons Benjamin and Sam get ready to use the second load of chips. What really great helpers.

Chris Gilbert put in the cross paths
My plot before
My plot after about 45 minutes of tidying. I planted some beets and a second batch of lettuce.

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