Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall in the Garden

 Arrangement by Simone and Riley Kohler
Arrangement by Heidi Chapman

Well, the Harvest Party was big fun and now it's time to think about putting our gardens at the BPMS Community Garden to bed.

John has offered to have the kids in garden class pick up piles in the garden. So it is up to each gardener to pull out those black tomato plants and moldy squash plants and pile them at the path end of their garden plot (not IN the path).  Don't forget to behead those weeds about to drop their seeds. It will make your life much easier next spring!

Do you have a bunch of tiny weeds coming up? Scuff them over with your boot heel or shovel! Or just throw some mulch on them and they will "smother" and die. They are tiny now but they will leap into action with bionic like growth in early spring, before you even think about planting. If you foil them now while they are young and tender, you will be miles ahead next spring.

Friday, October 15, 2010

3rd Annual Canby Community Garden Potluck! Rain or Shine!

Come one, come all to a Potluck to celebrate our harvest in the garden! October 24th at 1pm-3pm, in the art room across from the BPMS Garden. We had a lot of fun and food at our potluck last year and it should be just as fun this year (and we will be close to our gardens this year so we can show off or share our pain)
Bring a main dish, salad or desert big enough to serve at least 4 and bring your own plates and utensils so we can reduce our garbage.
Coffee, Tea and water will be provided and there will be a few hotplates, warming plates and a little oven to use too.

We have all been working hard this rainy summer to keep the weeds down and our harvest and spirits up, so lets get together and share stories and food and fun.
And bring your recipe for your dish if you would like to share it.