Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jumpstart Gardens- making life better everywhere you grow

Canby Community Garden Association was awarded a Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) Grant this spring to spread the word about the fantastic benefits Community Gardens bring to neighborhoods.

We are also looking for individuals or groups this summer who might be able to start a Community Garden with CCGA's help.

If you are interested please feel free to spread the word and contact us for ideas and expertise and a little "seed money".

Our first garden has gone in at The Canby Center, on Ivy, in the old Wilco building. It will be planted with your help on Saturday May 12, at 9am. Join us for some easy planting and fun.
Here are some pictures from the building of the garden. Fun was had by all!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Classes!

We have been having a really great time in our free garden classes. Last Saturday we had the class at The Canby Center.

Tim Lanfri taught the class on growing tomatoes and potatoes. We all took notes as fast as we could, he had some very interesting facts and experiences.

 We practiced "pruning " tomatoes on our own drawing of a tomato plant and at the end of class Marlene and I had brought baby tomato plants for everyone.

Do you wish you had been there? I don't have a time machine but if you go to the CCGA web site you can find PDF's of all the handouts for every class we have had so far.

And put the future classes on your calendar! They are all going to be action packed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Section Work Party

New section just after John finished the weed eating. The week before the high school students plowed the section.

Our neighbor Cricket is visiting the garden with her best behavior, leash on and staying out of the garden. What a sweetie.
We had a very productive work party at the garden on Saturday. It was for the new section gardeners to really get to know their garden and put a little elbow grease in on their investment.
John had all the supplies on hand and Lauren brought fruit and donuts to snack on.
The work went really fast thanks to everyone who showed up.
Good job everyone and thanks for being involved gardeners! --Lauren

Amee and her 2 sons Benjamin and Sam get ready to use the second load of chips. What really great helpers.

Chris Gilbert put in the cross paths
My plot before
My plot after about 45 minutes of tidying. I planted some beets and a second batch of lettuce.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Sunflower on Earth Day

Today on Earth Day, Canby Community Garden Association will be participating in the celebration at  Baker Prairie Middle School in the commons. It is from 6:30 to 8pm.
Come join us! We will have information on our free "Seed to Table" classes and will be happy to answer garden questions.

We will also have free Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds. These are the type of sunflower that you plant to participate in The Great Sunflower Project. It is a project in which thousands of every day people plant a Lemon Queen sunflower and then register online to report the pollinators they see in 15 minutes of watching the blooms. It's really easy and fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Putting Up Our New Tent!

Canby Community Garden Association got together this Sunday to practice putting up our tent that we will be using as a booth this April 30th and May 1st, at the Master Gardeners Spring Plant Fair held at the Clackamas County Event Center (Fair Grounds). Come see us! We'll be in space C49.


We have a larger version of this tent to use as our classroom for our free "Seed to Table" gardening classes being held all summer, around town in our traveling classroom. Check out our web site for the class calendar.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Gardening Classes!


Canby Community Garden Association is proud to announce that we have received an H3S Grant to promote "Active Living and Healthy Eating".

We can't think of anything that fits this description better than gardening!

As advocates of organic gardening in our community we jumped at the chance to create a forum for experts in their field to share their wealth of knowledge.

We have an all-star lineup of accomplished gardeners and professionals to teach us all about the many facets of growing our own food and growing food for others.

Watch for posters around town and our special "Seed to Table" banners and signs.

We will be hosting two new classes each month, April through September.
Classes will be held around Canby the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, 10am to 12pm.

Our first line up of classes are on April 2nd and April 16th and will be held at the Canby Public Library
For details go to our CCGA website.


Monday, January 24, 2011

As Our Gardens Slumber

Lettuce grown at BPMS last year

What to do in the dreary winter:
  • Pour over seed and plant catalogs, making long lists of new things to try
  • Watch Garden Shows whenever you can
  • Ponder how you will do things differently this year
  • Make a diagram of your garden and plan your rotations 
  • Think about which way the sun travels so you don't shade your tomatoes with the corn
  • Get your set up ready for starting your tomato and pepper seeds in late February
  • Renew your plot at Baker Prairie Middle School Community Garden!
John Colvett is now asking people if they are keeping their plots for this coming summer. There is a waiting list this year and he is wanting to get a head start on the filling of plots. Don't let all the work you've done on that soil go to waste!

If you are wanting a garden plot let him know, just give John Colvett a shout! You can contact him through BPMS or through Canby Community Garden Association (canby community garden@ gmail)(no spaces).
Peas can be gently planted in late February. Just poke a hole in the much and pop in a seed.

It is no good working the soil while it is wet. You will just make your clay soil into cement. Rubbing, digging and roto-tilling will line up the little plates in the clay and create a rock hard mass when the clay dries out.

The best solution for our Pacific Northwest clay soil is the addition of organic matter- compost, ground up leaves and the like. The organic matter spaces out the clay plates and keeps your soil holding just enough water for the plants and draining out any extra.
Clay soil isn't all bad! It has a higher amount of nutrients for plants than sandy soil.
You can fortify your organic matter without all the work AND head off spring weeds by mulching now with leaves or compost.

If you are planning on using straw, do yourself a favor and prepare the straw by watering down the bails (or leave them in the rain) and let them sit for a month or two. Have them sitting next to where you will use them because they become very heavy.
This will sprout all the weed and wheat seeds that are in the bail (and there are a lot of them) and then they will be trapped in the bail and die.

Many gardeners see straw in other gardens and don't realize that it has seeds in it. If you spread straw out fresh, you are just planting those seeds and will have to weed them later.
After the bail is wet for a while you can safely spread it around in your garden without adding more weeds. And it does make a fantastic mulch.

Early spring brings yummy Asparagus!